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Theo Ogundipe (top) and Paterson Joseph in Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar in Africa

The RSC"s brilliant new production of Julius Caesar sets Shakespeare's great political play in an unidentified African state at some time in the last fifty years and cast with Black British actors. We ask the RSC's Chief Associate Director Greg Doran what the play gains from this new setting.

Kevin Bourke

Gin And Chronic Arthritis from MaD Theatre Company

MaD For It

MaD Theatre Company aim their shows at audiences who would ordinarily be "more likely to go to a football match or watch a band". Their latest Gin & Chronic Arthritis might be the first to bring them a national audience.

Kevin Bourke

Korea's EDx2 Dance Company in Dies de Dansa

Dancing In The Streets

There'll be dancing in the streets as well as on trains and automobiles (sadly not planes, this time at least), as dozens of dance companies from all over Europe and the UK, even several from Korea, hit their marks at this year's Urban Moves free festival in Bury, Bolton, Salford and Manchester's Castlefield from July 26. 

Kevin Bourke

Rufus Hound

Hound takes over as One Man

Actor, stand-up comedian and presenter Rufus Hound will lead the cast of One Man, Two Guvnors, when it arrives at The Lowry in Salford in the New Year.

David Upton


Everything you know - in a box

Salford based Quarantine is making an innovative knowledge-sharing project with the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.

David Upton

New Library Theatre / Cornerhouse building

Library & Cornerhouse go-ahead

Proposals for a new arts and leisure cultural destination at the 20-acre First Street site have been approved by Manchester City Council.

David Upton

Gary Lagden and Darren Lawrence in A Thousand Slimy Things

Slime after Slime

Tangere Arts' productions of Tasty Tales, Hood In The Wood and Tin Soldier, all penned by the late Noel Greig, have all proved well deserved popular successes at the Exchange Studio over the last couple of years. Now they've turned their talents to changing Coleridge's  The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner into A Thousand Slimy Things, a performance aimed at "all brave souls over nine years old". It stopped Kevin Bourke in his tracks.

Kevin Bourke

Surreal: Andrea Ashworth

Once Again In A House On Fire

Monkeywood Theatre's Once In A House On Fire is based on Andrea Ashworth's best-selling memoir, a compelling, inspiring, vibrant, truthful and moving story of sisters, survival and growing up, in '70s Manchester. Kevin Bourke talks exclusively to Ashworth in Los Angeles.

Kevin Bourke

24:7 Theatre Festival

Changes on the city's fringe

There are comings and goings on the Manchester theatre fringe, while one of the city's stalwart festivals goes from strength to strength.

David Upton