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Annie Lennox performs at The Lowry in Salford

Annie in the House

The boundaries between theatre, performance and several other branches of the arts are purposefully blurred by an exhibition currently staged at the Lowry in Salford.

David Upton

Thought process: a scene from the Octagon production

Public Thoughts

David Lodge, whose Secret Thoughts was winner of Best New Play in the Manchester Theatre Awards, reflects on the strange path taken from page to stage.

Kevin Bourke

Perry Fitzpatrick as Arthur Seaton in Saturday Night Sunday Morning at Manchester Royal Exchange

Sillitoe's legacy - a personal note

The imminence of Matthew Dunster's new stage adaptation of Alan Sillitoe's first novel, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, stirs the memory of a veteran journalist.

Philip Radcliffe

The Library Theatre's Daughter in Law at the Lowry

Mining For Gold

DH Lawrence is one of the giants of Twentieth Century literature. But his reputation is based on his novels and his poetry, not his plays, of which even avid theatre-goers may not be aware. The Library Theatre Company hopes to change that with their production of The Daughter-In-Law at The Lowry.

Kevin Bourke

Winners of the 2011 Bruntwood Prize for Playwrighting with Michael Oglesby

The Bruntwood Awards

As this year's Bruntwood prize winners are announced, Kevin Bourke talks to Bruntwood Chairman Michael Oglesby about why arts sponsors need to take more chances and playwright Simon Stephens enthuses about the state of new writing in Britain today

Kevin Bourke

Manchester Theatre Awards article

Knowing Bill Naughton

Bolton's favourite writer, although he "deserted" to London, Bill Naughton died 20 years ago come January 2012. The staging of Alfie at the Octagon stirs my memories of the man.

Philip Radcliffe

Manchester Theatre Awards article

Theatre in Prisons

Theatre extends way beyond the walls of formal spaces and plays a significant role for people in trying circumstances.

Philip Radcliffe