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Ian Hislop and Nick Newman at the Opera House

The Curious Incident Of The Satirical Newspaper In Wartime

It's hard to believe there were many laughs to be had amidst the killing fields of The Somme. But for two years The Wipers Times, a satirical newspaper produced on an abandoned printing press found in a bombed out building in the Belgian town of Ypres, was a huge hit with the soldiers. Private Eye editor Ian Hislop and Spitting Image writer Nick Newman tell the remarkable story in a new drama heading to the Opera House.

Kevin Bourke

Pantomime FX

Special effects wizards Twins FX are gearing up to inject their magic into this year's Opera House pantomime.

Alan Hulme

Tom Piper with the famous installation

La Bayadère Radically Reimagined At The Lowry

Brilliant choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh has collaborated with designer Tom Piper of the famous Blood-Swept Lands And Seas Of Red Poppy installation at the Tower of London, to radically rework and rethink classical ballet La Bayadère at The Lowry

Kevin Bourke

Caroline Clegg enjoys life with the lions in Heaton Park

Feelgood Return To Heaton Park

Feelgood Theatre Company have earned a special place in the hearts of theatre-goers over their more than twenty years of passionate theatrical excellence. Their award-winning promenade productions in Heaton Park have been especially beloved, and not simply because Caroline Clegg, the players and crew have often had to battle against trying conditions and inclement weather! This week they return after eight years to Heaton Park and Hall with their own version of A Midsummer Night's Dream and have big plans beyond that.

Kevin Bourke

The all-female cast of Winter Hill

Running Up That Hill

Bolton Octagon's Artistic Director, Elizabeth Newman, and actors Cathy Tyson and Louise Jameson are thrilled to be working on the world premiere of Timberlake Wertenbaker's Winter Hill.

Kevin Bourke

Rosie Fleeshman in Narcissist In The Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Rosie Fleeshman, the youngest daughter of much-loved veterans Sue Jenkins and David Fleeshman, has written a brilliantly brave and funny one-woman show, Narcissist In The Mirror

Kevin Bourke

Ellen Kent's Aida, with black stallion

Ellen Kent - back in town

Ellen Kent brings popular opera to Manchester again - this time with added four-footed friends

Robert Beale