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Making 'Contact' : The Contact Theatre's new season is launched

The 2014/15 season was a great success for Manchester’s Contact Theatre with increased attendance, shows undertaking national tours and international and television versions promised for the future. Can the New Year build on the success?

David Cunningham

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Mind The Gap

These might seem to be golden years for Manchester theatre, with a thriving Fringe, big touring shows, an international festival and flagship venues where there might once have only been tired rep companies plying their Ayckbourn or Coward. But are we too smug? Is there a whole level missing? Do we need to bridge that gap?

Kevin Bourke

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The Other Half - A Picture from Life's Other Side

Is it theatre? Is it a music gig from My Darling Clementine. the land's premier nuevo-retro country duo? Is it top-selling crime author Mark Billingham reading a brand-new story? The Other Half is all of the above and more...

Kevin Bourke

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By Far the Greatest

Football has united and divided communities for decades. But the experience of supporting a team and the thrill of a match has rarely been captured on stage. That's something the MTA-winning Monkeywood Theatre Company are determined to address.

Kevin Bourke

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Watching Big Brother Watching You

You might imagine a dance version of Orwell's dystopian classic 1984 was impossible. Northern Ballet (double)think differently...

Kevin Bourke

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Fringe Firsts

This year's Greater Manchester Fringe Festival was another triumph of talent, determination and derring-do

Kevin Bourke

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Wild In The Country Park

This weekend finds something strange and wonderful happening in Bury as The Lost Carnival mysteriously reappears...

We investigate an exciting new future direction for immersive theatre and open-air arts.

Kevin Bourke

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Forthcoming Attractions: The Lowry Showcase

Not content with attracting productions to its theatres The Lowry is also playing an active role in their development. A recent Showcase gave companies the chance to pitch their proposals to potential patrons.

David Cunningham