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Not The Birdie Song!

A new adaptation of Sebastian Faulks' best-selling novel, Birdsong, is heading to Oldham Coliseum. We talk to regional theatre stalwart Arthur Bostrom about providing some light relief in such an emotionally-taxing tale.

Kevin Bourke

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Time After Time

The latest "Developed With The Lowry" show opens this week. It's an adaptation of HG Wells' science-fiction classic The Time Machine. Are they going back to the future?

Kevin Bourke

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Sherlock, Stock and Barrel

There have been even more incarnations of Sherlock Holmes than of Doctor Who. But when the epic show Sherlock Holmes - The Best-Kept Secret visits Manchester Opera House, you'll still be in for some surprises, promises director Nikolai Foster.

Kevin Bourke

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What's That Sound?

Three years in the making, Manchester Sound: The Massacre is the latest and last of the Library Theatre Company's site-specific productions before Home opens. Director Paul Jepson wants to maintain its essential elements of surprise and controlled anarchy but talks about some of the big themes the show explores.

Kevin Bourke

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Pinter pointers

As the Royal Exchange production of The Birthday Party approaches, beware the temptation to analyse Pinter.

Philip Radcliffe

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"Am I right, sir?"

The 39 Steps, still packing them in at the Opera House and all over the world, might be one of the most unlikely stage successes of the decade. We talk to its adapter Patrick Barlow.

Kevin Bourke