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The Max Factor

How do you make To Kill A Mockingbird at the Royal Exchange relevant for a contemporary audience and for those who grew up loving the book?

Kevin Bourke

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Oldham Coliseum's £5million offer

Oldham Coliseum could be moving house in the next five to 10 years: the Arts Council is offering £5million towards the cost of building a new theatre

Paul Genty

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Evolving revolution at the Exchange

Revolution rather than evolution seems to be the message – though looking at the new season, evolution looks somewhat to the fore. Whatever, changes are definitely underway at the Royal Exchange, and about time too, some might say.

Alan Hulme

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Hot Rats

Melly Still, the director of this year's Royal Exchange Christmas show, Carol Ann Duffy's Rats' Tales, explains how fairy tales, poetry, dreams and much-maligned rodents are at the heart of this family show

Kevin Bourke

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Myth, Magic And A Merry Christmas

This year’s Christmas production from the Library Theatre Company at The Lowry is their version of the Arabian Nights. Award-winning director Amy Leach tells us why the tales have lived in all our imaginations for hundreds of years and are still relevant today.

Kevin Bourke

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Home run for city's new theatre director

A new artistic director of theatre for Home, the organisation formed from the merger of Manchester's Cornerhouse and Library Theatre Company has been announced.

David Upton

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Big and bold at Royal Exchange

Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre has unveiled a “bold and dynamic programme” for their Spring / Summer 2013 season.

David Upton