Manchester Theatre Awards

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Manchester Theatre Award winners

Manchester’s Royal Exchange theatre had a bumper haul of trophies from the Manchester Theatre Awards, revealed at a star-studded event at the city’s HOME venue.

(Reporter: David Upton)

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Actor in a leading role

Three of the panel’s most admired performances this year came from actors breathing new life into classic, but always daunting, roles.

(Reporter: Kevin Bourke)

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Actress in a leading role

The past few years have seen an increasing number of strong female roles on the Manchester stage and as a panel we’ve seen this reflected in the incredible talent showcased in this category.

(Reporter: Carmel Thomason)

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In a year blessed with so many outstanding productions, the final quartet on our short list turned out to be equally divided between two of our major players.

(Reporter: Kevin Bourke)

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Actor in a supporting role

Daniel Crossley’s Oscar Lindquist, who married humour with tenderness and authenticity, brought the Royal Exchange’s Sweet Charity full circle.

(Reporter: David Chadderton)

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Actress in a supporting role

As the fictional Pat Green (based on a couple of real people). Natalie Dew gave a warm and tender performance of a character destined for disappointment in the Royal Exchange’s Breaking the Code

(Reporter: David Chadderton)

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Visiting Production

The James Plays at The Lowry arrived trailing clouds of glorious reviews but it was its breathtaking scale and brilliance that wowed the panel.

(Reporter: Kevin Bourke)

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Actor in a Visiting Production

This is one of those curious awards that can really mix things up: famous household names against newcomers; Shakespearean comedians against song and dance energy

(Reporter: Paul Genty)

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Actress in a Visiting Production

The Irish have an hereditary gift of holding an audience spellbound. Aoife Duffin lived up to the promise at The Lowry as she took on the multi-roles of A Girl is a Half-formed Thing.

(Reporter: Diana Stenson)

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New talent, whether it be for performing, writing or in any other area, is the very lifeblood of a vital theatre scene.

(Reporter: Kevin Bourke)