Manchester Theatre Awards

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News: ... and last year's winners were: Actor in a Leading Role

Colin Connor in A View From The Bridge at Octagon Theatre, Bolton

Rob Edwards in An Enemy Of The People at Octagon Theatre, Bolton

Jonjo O’Neill in The Crucible at the Royal Exchange

Sam Swann in Pomona at the Royal Exchange

The four outstanding nominations here are divided equally between the Royal Exchange and Octagon Bolton, whittled down from a list several times that size.

Sam Swann’s security guard stood out as the one consistently human character in the Exchange’s creepy and compelling Pomona and provided the one surviving nomination that isn’t in a play by Arthur Miller, for three of the plays involved here were by Miller, as the Exchange and Octagon paid tribute to the centenary of the great writer’s birth.

Jonjo O’Neill powerfully headed a strong ensemble cast in the Exchange’s The Crucible, while at the Octagon, Rob Edwards so very nearly scooped the top prize for his battle for the truth in the all-round outstanding An Enemy Of The People (which has won our Production accolade). But it was to the Octagon’s season opener, back in January 2015, that we turned for our winner, in yet another David Thacker-directed masterclass, A View From The Bridge.

He is Colin Connor, as the deeply troubled and unfortunate longshoreman Eddie Carbone, a powerful physical and emotional performance that stayed with us throughout the year.

Alan Hulme
04 March 2016