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Bolton Octagon is not a large space so designer Ciaran Bagnall introduced the cunning prop of a movie screen high above the stage to keep pace with the hilarious 1920s progress on celluloid.

(Reporter: Diana Stenson)

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Never more obvious than in this category is the vast range of stage work on show every year in the Manchester area: a wartime story, Scottish kings, lowly miners and song and dance men combined to give us a very difficult choice to make.

(Reporter: Paul Genty)

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Special Entertainment

2016 made clear that Manchester theatres are capable of both attracting and developing events that are outstanding and offer a very special type of entertainment.

(Reporter: David Cunningham)

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Youth panel award

The Youth Panel have seen productions that reinterpret famous works, embrace daring subject matter and create performance spaces in the most imaginative places.

(Reporter: Harriet Mallion)

Manchester Theatre Awards news item

Stage Door Foundation Award For Excellence – Take Back Theatre

Our Best Actress winner Julie Hesmondhalgh believes that 2016 was “at times a difficult, challenging, surprising and heart-breaking year”. But it was also “a year full of unity, comradeship, courage and selflessness, where we have seen love in action and hope shining through the darkness.”

(Reporter: Kevin Bourke)

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Be at HOME for Manchester Theatre Awards!

Winners of the annual Manchester Theatre Awards will be announced live on stage in a red carpet event at Manchester’s HOME venue on Friday March 17, and members of the public can join in the occasion.

(Reporter: David Upton)

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2016: Octagon takes haul of trophies

One of the country’s most distinguished theatre directors, and the first-ever Professor of Theatre at Bolton University, David Thacker was honoured with a Special Achievement trophy at last year's Manchester Theatre Awards.

(Reporter: David Upton)

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... and last year's winners were: Actor in a Leading Role

The four outstanding nominations were  divided equally between the Royal Exchange and Octagon Bolton, whittled down from a list several times that size, indicating just how strong the competition turned out to be.

(Reporter: Alan Hulme)