Manchester Theatre Awards

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An Enemy of the People


A play that left director David Thacker with “unfinished business” after a production of his transferred to the West End a few years ago, A View From the Bridge, has featured in several categories for his revival for the Octagon and was a hot contender for Best Production.

(Reporter: David Chadderton)

Joe Armstrong and Louise Brealey (right) with Royal Exchange co-star Anne-Marie Duff

Visiting Production

Who among us hasn’t tried to reconstruct a moment from our lives that had further-reaching consequences than we had ever expected?

(Reporter: Kevin Bourke)

Chris Gascoyne (left) with Sian Reese-Williams from Lungs

Studio Production

Joseph Wilde’s Cuddles explored the fear of change and the difficulty of caring for an addict in a darkly funny manner with a pair of superb performances.


(Reporter: David Cunningham)

David Neilson (left) presented the trophy to director James Baker (right)

Fringe Production

Author Laura Harper found humour in two people defensively coping with their unpopularity and loneliness. We are The Multitude was a sparkling comedy of modern manners and social observation.

(Reporter: David Cunningham)

The cast of Let It Be, Reuven Gershon (John), Emmanuelle (Manny) Angeletti (Paul), Paul Mannion (George), Stuart Wilkinson (Ringo), accept the trophy on behalf of The Bodyguard - The Musical


As far as the major receiving houses are concerned, the criticism that regional theatre is relying too heavily on blockbuster musicals is unarguably true but it undoubtedly makes for some highly enjoyable nights out. And gone are the days where the shows on tour were a pale imitation of the originals. All four here are of the very highest standards, in both performance and production.

(Reporter: Alan Hulme)

Actor Cassidy Little - the People's Strictly dance champion - presented the Dance trophy


From the range and strength of nominees in this category it is clear why dance has a strong and growing audience in Manchester.

(Reporter: Carmel Thomason)

Editor of Cheshire Life Louise Taylor (right) presented the Opera trophy


This was a year in which each of our candidates for honours distinguished themselves, making the final choice a particularly difficult one.


(Reporter: Robert Beale)

Paul Clay (left) from Manchester International Festival accepts the Design award from acclaimed American artist Robert Cenedella


An impressive choice of international nominations this year, German/American, Greek, Finnish, Polish.

(Reporter: Diana Stenson)

The Rolling Stone

New Play

We’ve long known that Maxine Peake is a brilliant actress, as demonstrated by this year’s nominations and previous accolades. But who knew she would be a fine writer too?

(Reporter: Kevin Bourke)

North West MEP Julie West (left) presents the award to Chris Honer, Debbie Oates and Lindsay Williams, some of the local talent involved in The Gap Theatre Project

Special Entertainment

The very nature of this award, designed to honour work that doesn’t naturally fall into any other award category, means that it was a very diverse selection of shows that made it to the final four.

(Reporter: Kevin Bourke)