Manchester Theatre Awards

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Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Last year he won Best Actor In A Visiting Production, and said he would be more than pleased to return to the event . . . little suspecting how soon that might be.

(Reporter: Kevin Bourke)

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Best Actor in a Visiting Production

A beautifully subtle and immensely moving performance – in itself more than justifying the experiment to use the Opera House for straight plays.

(Reporter: Alan Hulme)

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Best Production

The strength of the nominees in this category is testament to the terrific work that we are seeing in Manchester.

(Reporter: Carmel Thomason)

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Best Visiting Production

Always a hotly contested category and the wide range of shows nominated demonstrates the wealth of theatrical talent visiting the region.

(Reporter: Carmel Thomason)

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Best Musical

Unusually, we have as many homegrown productions in this category as visiting ones.

(Reporter: David Chadderton)

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Robert Robson Award for Dance

It’s no coincidence that each of this year’s dance nominations should hail from the Lowry.

(Reporter: David Upton)

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Best Design

The creative flair of this year’s nominees was simply dazzling.

(Reporter: Carmel Thomason)

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Best Newcomer

From two more nominations in one production - the winner is . . .

(Reporter: Diana Stenson)