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Translunar Paradise

George Mann
Theatre Ad Infinitum
The Quays Theatre The Lowry
08 June 2012 to 09 June 2012

This little piece has everything except words.   Well not quite true.   There are minimal props, no wardrobe changes, no lyrics and just seventy  minutes to captivate the audience, but captured you will be.

This is the tale of an ageing couple, death, grief and boundless happiness performed entirely with breathtaking talent in mime, accompanied by actor-musician Kim Heron, playing accordion and whistling the haunting melodies.  Using "ageing" masks our devoted couple do appear  old but when the masks come off we meet two youthful movement performers, Deborah Pugh (Rose) together with George Mann (William) who created the company and this work.  We follow their lives, not always in sequence, with or without the masks, and seamless body language from ecstatic young love, a moving sequence of losing their child, war, peace, loneliness and final comfort in "Translunar Paradise".  This could be compared to a poignant wordless poem but there are delicious flashes of humour which kept me smiling, our two characters are supremely skilled in the art of mime, the direction is outstanding and every one of the seventy minutes is utterly absorbing.

"Translunar Paradise" was originally performed in The Studio as part of the "Developed with the Lowry" strand, won three awards at last year's Edinburgh Fringe and is in the Quays Theatre for just two nights.

Reviewer: Diana Stenson


Comment by Alan Hulme

Yes, I saw it last year in the Studio and was also captivated by it. My only criticism being my usual one, that it was slightly over-extended. But it is undoubtedly another example of the amazingly diverse, high quality, work that comes out of the Lowry initiative.