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Pauline Quirke (Sharon), Lesley Joseph (Dorien) and Linda Robson (Tracey) in Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran, Gary Lawson and John Phelps.
The Comedy Theatre Company and Quirky Media Stuff Ltd at The Lowry
28 May 2012 to 02 June 2012
(reviewer: Carmel Thomason)

Toxic Bankers

Toxic Bankers!

Andrew Taylor and Desmond O'Connor
1215 Productions at Lowry Studio Salford
24 May 2012 to 26 May 2012
(reviewer: Diana Stenson)

Opera North’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel


Rodgers and Hammerstein
Opera North at The Lowry
23 May 2012 to 26 May 2012
(reviewer: Philip Radcliffe)

Lysette Anthony as Mrs Erlynne in Lady Windermere's Fan

Lady Windermere's Fan

Oscar Wilde
Royal Exchange, Manchester
16 May 2012 to 23 June 2012
(reviewer: David Upton)

Ira Mandela Siobhan and Hannes Langolf of DV8 Physical Theatre in Can We Talk About This?

Can We Talk About This?

Lloyd Newson
DV8 Physical Theatre at The Lowry
18 May 2012 to 19 May 2012
(reviewer: Robert Beale)

How I Helped End Communism

How I Helped End Communism

Justin MacGregor
Come As You Arts Northwest at Lowry Studio
17 May 2012 to 19 May 2012
(reviewer: Philip Radcliffe)


After Words

Michael Hart
Organised Chaos Productions at Joshua Brooks 106 Princess St. Manchester M1 6NG
16 May 2012 to 19 May 2012
(reviewer: Diana Stenson)

BRB Lyric Pieces/Pineapple Poll

Lyric Pieces/Pineapple Poll

Jessica Lang/John Cranko
Birmingham Royal Ballet at Buxton Opera House
15 May 2012 to 16 May 2012
(reviewer: Philip Radcliffe)

Nicholas Lumley

Close The Coalhouse Door

Alan Plater, with additional material by Lee Hall
Northern Stage & Live Theatre at The Lowry
15 May 2012 to 19 May 2012
(reviewer: Alan Hulme)