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Manchester Theatre Awards review


Vivaldi and Metastasio / Vitturi
La Serenissima at Buxton Opera House
11 July 2012 to 21 July 2012
(reviewer: Robert Beale)

James Gilchrist in the title role of Handel's Jephtha


Handel and Thomas Morell
Buxton Festival at Buxton Opera House
08 July 2012 to 21 July 2012
(reviewer: Robert Beale)

Janis Kelly and Stephen Gadd


Richard Strauss
Buxton Festival at Buxton Opera House
07 July 2012 to 25 July 2012
(reviewer: Philip Radcliffe)

Ed Gaughan as Peter Quince

A Midsummer night's Dream

Shakespeare - heavily modified by the company
Filter Theatre/Lyric Hammersmith at Royal Exchange, Manchester
05 July 2012 to 04 August 2012
(reviewer: Paul Genty)

English National Ballet and Flawless in Against Time

Against Time

English National Ballet & Flawless at Palace Theatre, Manchester
06 July 2012 to 08 July 2012
(reviewer: David Upton)

Manchester Theatre Awards review

Thinking Out Loud: An Affair to Remember

Rebekah Harrison assisted by Jessica Higgins and Kurt Nikko
The Milk and Two Sugars Theatre Company at Lass O' Gowrie, Charles Street Manchester
26 June 2012 to 27 June 2012
(reviewer: Diana Stenson)

Natasha Hodgson, David Cumming and Oliver Jones

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

Clem Garrity, David Cumming, Natasha Hodgson, Zoe Roberts and Oliver Jones, based on the novel by Tom Baker
Kill the Beast, developed with The Lowry at The Lowry
21 June 2012 to 23 June 2012
(reviewer: David Chadderton)

Starlight Express - Poppa's Blues

Starlight Express

Richard Stilgoe et al; Andrew Lloyd Webber et al
Bill Kenwright at The Lowry
19 June 2012 to 30 June 2012
(reviewer: Robert Beale)